When in your life have you tapped into a strength you didn’t know you had? You faced a crisis or an obstacle that seemed insurmountable. But you overcame, persevered and made it to the other side. Albeit, you were a little wary but also wiser.

Learning how to tap into your Warrioress Archetype will empower your life.

This is a gift of the Warrioress Archetype. Courage. Composure. Sense of invincibility and resolve. Recently, I was invited to present at the Evoke: Virtual Mystery School for the Sexually Sovereign Woman on the topic Activating the Warrioress: Social Justice in Women’s Sexual Health Leadership. Here is what I shared with the Evoke community.

Archetypes are psychological patterns within the collective unconscious or universal experiences. Some examples are the hero, the lover, and the magician. Archetypes offer us insight into how we see ourselves and the world and open up a framework of possibility.

Activate Your Warrioress

The first question that you must ask yourself is “Who is my battle with?” The enlightened warrioress knows that the most worthy adversary is oneself. For example, a common struggle you may have is negative self-talk from your inner critic. You may have fear and the anxiety around making the right decisions (aka perfectionism). This can result from the need to dominate and control, which is also a shadow aspect of this archetype.


The second question to ask yourself is “What do I value?” The warrioress knows what she is fighting for. And what is worth protecting and defending. Consider what is most important to you. When you think of what you value explore where you feel it in your body. Your heart? Womb? Do you feel expansive? Energized?


The third question is “How can I develop my intuition?” The fiercest warriors are those who develop and learn to trust their intuition. That gut feeling, a strong knowing that you can’t explain. You can cultivate your intuition by tuning into your body and your environment. Intuition speaks to you through the body and uses the senses to receive information. When making a decision, however big or small, pay attention how you physically feel.

Connecting with the Warrioress Archetype will empower your life. You will gain clarity about what matters most to you and what is worth fighting for. You will know who your real adversary is and how to navigate your way to overcome any obstacles. And you will be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone.


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