Exploring all of your body – even the parts that make you uncomfortable – is essential to loving ALL of you. The journey to sexual health and wellness begins with reconnecting with your body through the power of pleasure. Through pleasure practices, such as sensual movement and massage, you begin to know your body intimately. You understand the value of true intimacy with yourself and others. Your power as a woman – as a fully embodied sensual woman – comes from knowledge of self, love of self and care of self.

Allowing yourself to feel into these issues can seem scary, daunting and just plain awkward. You want to get out of your head and into your body. Find what feels good. And all the self-help books, meditation, yoga and journaling never seem to get you there. You still feel disconnected from a hidden part of yourself. But you don’t have to. Do you want to know the secret sauce for reconnecting to yourself?


Psst. The secret to feeling good is Pleasure. To have clarity, confidence and creativity. To trust. To have desire. To have amazing orgasms. It all starts with pleasure.

Pleasure is the embodiment of our desire. Pleasure is expressed through sensations in the body, movement of energy and our feminine nature. Pleasure is the pathway to self-acceptance, self-love, and self-care. Our relationship with pleasure is an indicator of the state of our vibrancy and health.

Paying special attention to your self care and partaking in acts of pleasure (naughty or nice) is not an indulgence. Pleasure is key to who you are as a woman. Knowing your desires and what turns you on in your life is essential to your sexual wellness and overall health.

Unfortunately, most of us have lost the ability to fully take pleasure in the moment-by-moment experience. We don’t see the value in pleasure. And we fail to make the connection between pleasure, health and happiness.


Ways that NOT paying attention to what feels good in your body can show up in your life:

  • You are overwhelmed by stress and are on the verge of burn out
  • Lost your mojo – lack of energy, creative spark and passion
  • Missing intimacy, desire and connection with self and others
  • Your gut telling you that there’s got to me more than “this”

Whether you can relate to one of the above scenarios, or you have a whole other situation going on, my commitment is to support you always with a focus on your desired result. Having support and someone to hold you accountable to how YOU want to show up for yourself and those you love is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

I’ve started my journey and it’s been a winding road. I know how hard it is to get out of your head and to connect with your body. I’m happy to help you work your way through it too. This is why I’ve created a system that will help you to discover pleasure practices for your mind, body and soul.



Awakening Your Pleasure Body

Awaken to your pleasure body and discover within YOU the secret to having health + happiness in life, business and the bedroom. Pleasure is not a destination but a pathway to embrace your full potential through creativity, play and commitment to growth. In this program, you will learn strategies, rituals and practices to reclaim pleasure as your birthright.

Ready to delve into your pleasure playbox? Who knows what treasures await you.

Module One: Getting Naked (Mind, Body & Soul). Learn female pleasure anatomy and ways to experience pleasure in the female body. Start to identify and challenge your limiting beliefs concerning the female body, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy and sex.

Module Two: Move. Know. Feel Your Body. Deepen your connection with your body through body awareness, primal pleasures and sensual pleasures. Begin to find what feels good in your body.

Module Three: Exploring the Sensual Body. Rediscover the sexual intelligence of your body through sensual movement, massage and embodiment practices. Experience pleasure through sensations in your body and movement of energy.

Module Four: Pleasure, Practice and Play. Create a clear and detailed plan for how you can cultivate more pleasure in your life. Your plan will include daily strategies, practices and tools to awaken your pleasure body. We will also identify any potential blocks you might have and ways to overcome pleasure resistance.

How the Program Works

Pleasure Practice Plan

So you and I will create a clear and detailed plan that outlines how you will cultivate more pleasure in your life. For each module, you will have pleasure playsheets to guide your journey.

Pleasure Practices

A plan only works if you know how to make it happen. We will explore pleasure practices for the mind, body and soul based on your personal needs. For each module, you receive homeplay exercises to enrich your pleasure practice.

Accountability & Support

The accountability and support throughout the program is huge, as you and I work to shift your mindset toward behaviors that will help you experience more pleasure (consistently!).


Enroll in the Full Program or Individual Modules

Full Program: Sign up for all four modules and complete the full series in 12 weeks. Each module consist of three 60-minute sessions and builds progressively on the last. When you enroll in the full program you receive the following bonuses:

  • In-depth, 60-minute pre-session Discover Your Pleasure Potential
  • Email support during the course of the program
  • Recordings of all our sessions (a downloadable replay)
  • 30-day post program check-in (30-minute session)

Individual Modules: You also have the option to sign up for an individual module. Start with module one. Each module consist of three 60-minute sessions. When you enroll in an individual module you receive the following bonuses:

  • 20-minute pre-session to assess your goals and discuss how you to can receive the most out of the module
  • Email support during the course of the program
  • Recordings of all our sessions (a downloadable replay)


“Without the feeling of pleasure happiness is only an illusion.” Alexander Lowen
Are you ready to:
  • Take a closer look at your sexual wellness & self-care practices (pleasure potential)
  • Conquer your fears when it comes to pleasure and intimacy​ (pleasure resistance)
  • Explore how to have more pleasure in life, business and the bedroom (pleasure practices)
You will leave with:
  • A deeper understanding of the specific challenges that are holding you back from having more pleasure in your life
  • Clarity, confidence and courage to take inspired action
  • A personalized plan (strategies, practices and tools) for how you can cultivate more pleasure in your life

Have questions about this program? Please check the following FAQs or feel free to contact me if you have any questions not answered.

What can I expect to happen during a session?
We will meet privately by phone (or video conferencing). All sessions will be recorded, so you’ll have a downloadable replay that you can access later for your records / reference. Typically, we will start the session with grounding so that you feel centered and ready to explore whatever is present for you. We will review the previous week’s homeplay exercises, work through any blocks you may have, and discuss strategies, practices and tools for how you move forward. Finally, you will set goals for your next session.
What can I really accomplish with one module?
I may not be able to help solve your problem totally, but I can definitely get you started. You will notice when you can’t seem to get out of your head or when you feel disconnected from your body. Your awareness will be increased. What that will do is, ultimately, you will begin to know your body intimately and trust your instincts. And once you have body awareness, you can find what feels good to you and reclaim your pleasure.
What if I'm not sure that the full program is right for me?
Click on the link below to schedule a Free 20-Minute Discovery Call. It will take you to page where you’re going to provide your name and contact details, and tell me a little bit about your issue. Then we’re going to jump on the call and we’re going to talk about this. I’m going to give you some tips that you can start applying right away and answer any questions you about the individual modules or full program.
What if I don't feel comfortable talking to someone?
Our call is over the phone (or video conferencing) and kept confidential. And at anytime you can say that you’re not comfortable or let me know that you want to stop. Look, I’ve been where you are. Getting on a call with someone was the first step in my journey to pleasure and sexual wellness. This might be the wake up call that you need to change your life.
Do I need to do anything to prepare for each module?
When you sign up for an individual module, you will receive your bonus pre-session and a questionnaire to prepare for your first full session. It’s useful for you to think about what’s important to you and to focus on the priorities you would like to discuss during your session. It also helps to clarify what outcomes you want to achieve during our time together.
What is your refund policy?
Full refunds are given if and only if I have no available dates to host your session. Enrollment in any of the coaching packages and mentoring programs on SensualBodyWisdom.com constitutes a non-refundable agreement. Note: You are welcome to reschedule sessions or convert payment into credit that can be used towards other programs or services (excludes digital downloads and physical products). I require 24 hours’ notice for cancellations. Note: all session credits must be used within 90 Days of the date your session was cancelled.

Karla is the Pleasure Practice Mentor to women who want to feel good in their body, have greater intimacy in their relationships, and be empowered when it comes to their sexual health and wellness. If you are ready to say “yes” to having more clarity and confidence in your life, business and bedroom, then schedule your Free Discovery Call.
Karla Hampton – The Pleasure Practice Mentor

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