As the Pleasure Practice Mentor and founder of Sensual Body Wisdom, LLC my mission is to help women tap into their pleasure to tap into their power. I teach women, who have lost their mojo in life, business, and the bedroom, how to get it back. I share pleasure and sensual embodiment practices that help them to feel good in their body, experience real intimacy and to be empowered when it comes to their sexual health and wellness.

I discuss my journey from attorney to sexual wellness mentor and how pleasure was the key to my transformation on The Happy Black Woman Podcast with Rosetta Thurman. I hope that my chat with Rosetta will inspire you to discover and explore your own sensual body wisdom. If you’re ready to connect with yourself in a whole new way, you don’t want to miss this episode of Happy Black Woman (HBW025). To listen to the podcast, click on audio player below.



[0:35]  Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Karla Hampton.
[1:40]  Karla’s mission and the work that she does.
[3:15]  What made Karla decide to follow this path?
[6:24]  Karla’s wake-up call in her own journey and how she started.
[8:27]  The results of her first 30-Day Pleasure Practice.
[11:51] Some action steps women can take today to get started.
[15:32] Understanding the taboos that may come from getting to know your body.
[20:32] Growing into self-love.
[21:58] Reclaiming your power as a woman.
[25:02] Karla explains her daily routine.
[29:56] A book that inspired Karla along her journey.
[31:23] Karla shares her personal mantra.
[32:19] One tip Karla shares to help other women get started on their journey.
[33:59] How you can connect with Karla.

Sensual Black Woman
On the podcast, I refer to my business and website as the Sensual Black Woman. And this is who I am. But I also want to speak to a broader aspect of who I am as a woman – a feminine, sensual being. So, my purpose, my work became Sensual Body Wisdom. And everything within me knows this to be true. That as a woman, I am NOT broken. Whatever your story is, you are NOT broken. And by embracing your body, your sensuality, and your own inner wisdom, you will find the courage to speak your truth, ask for what you need and receive all of it with love and gratitude.

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